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Project name Sponsor Period
Ultra wideband based 100Gbps Chip-to-chip wireless communication system KCC 2013.05-2018.04
차세대 무선 네트워크의 보안 강화를 위한 계층간 최적화 기술 연구 NRF 2015.05-2018.04
Toward Perfectly Secure System Based on No-cloning Property of Wireless Channel RED&B 2015.06-2015.11
완전분산형 D2D 환경에서 보안키 공유를 위한 물리계층 보안기술 연구 ETRI 2015.06-2016.01
Development of Quantum Communication Technologies for Ultimate Security ITRC 2015.06-2018.12
Low Complexity Physical Layer Security for Next Generation Distributed Networks NRF 2015.05-2018.04
Ultra wideband based 100Gbps Chip-to-chip wireless communication systems KCC 2013.05-2018.04
Study on cross-layer optimization techniques for improving security of next generation wireless networks NRF 2012.05-2015.04
Development of core technologies for next generation hyper MLC NAND based SSD MOTIE 2010.04-2015.03
완전분산형 D2D에 최적화된 물리계층 보안 기술 연구 ETRI 2014.06-2015.01
Research of turbo product code for NAND flash memories Hynix 2012.09-2014.08
Development of fundamental technology for mobility supported VCN/BCMA Samsung 2012.09-2014.07
Implementation of noisy network coding and interference neutralization based on USRP SAIT 2013.04-2014.03
Collaborative coding/decoding for the tape channel INSIC 2012.02-2014.02
Large-scale Wireless-PON Convergence Technology Utilizing Network Coding KEIT 2009.05.01~2014.02.28
Research of secure channel coding SAIT 2012.08~2012.12
Study on Cross-layer Optimization Techniques for Improving Security of Next Generation Wireless Networks NRF 2009.05.01~2012.04.30
Development of Advanced Video Encoder with Low Complexity for Mobile Video Service KEIT 2009.03.01~2010.02.28
Research of Nested Lattice Transmission Technology for Mobile Communication Systems ETRI 2009.05.01~2009.12.31
Radio Education and Research Center Project IITA 2007.01.01~2009.12.31

Vehicle Multi-hop Communication Technology Development

IITA 2007.03.01~2009.02.28
Research of LDPC Encoder and Decoder for Distributed Source Coding ETRI 2008.07.01~2009.01.28
Research of Technologies for IMT-Advanced ETRI 2008.07.01~2008.11.30
Research of Acquisitions of Sight Information Using Mobile Communication Systems ETRI 2008.03.01~2008.10.31
Research of the Elimination of Oscillations on the Decoding of LDPC Codes and the Retransmission Scheme for Hybird ARQ KRF 2007.08.01~2008.07.01
Research of Iterative Detection and Decoding Algorithm for MIMO-OFDM ETRI 2007.05.11~2007.11.30
Samsung-ICU Joint Research Center - Cognitive Radio Structure Research Samsung 2005.07.01~2007.06.30
Research of Channel Decoder for Wireless Communications ETRI 2006.04.01~2007.02.28
Wireless Mesh Networks Technology RERC 2006.01.01~2006.12.31
Research for 3G LTE H-ARQ and Channel Codec ETRI 2006.04.01~2006.11.30
Broadband Wireless Access Techniques RERC 2005.01.01~2005.12.31
Decoder Optimization for WiBro Upink Channel ETRI 2005.05.01~2005.11.30
Rate-Compatible Punctured Low-Density Parity-Check Codes at Finite Lengths ICU 2004.11.15~2005.11.15